Monday, July 28, 2008

Windows of Heaven

Okay, really it isn't a fair contest. Last week we had two barbecues (sent home with tons of leftovers from one.) Saturday I went to a gorgeous luncheon at my former student's bridal shower. Today I was in charge of a funeral luncheon and came home with half a ham, a casserole called not-so-ironically "funeral potatoes," a salad and more than a dozen rolls. Bottom line, is that with the exception of my children being force fed all manner of squash, nobody has suffered a smidgen.

We are out of lettuce, which is a major food item here, and almost every other fresh vegetable. In our garden we have swiss chard, basil and zucchini for greens and pumpkin, kabacho, and butternut squash for oranges. We are almost out of milk, will have to resort to Rice Milk (which some of us like and others don't).

Today Carlee (our "mother's helper" or "my sanity keeper") made a batch of plum sauce from our tree and a double batch of plum bars with it. These are amazingly wonderful and a treat we look forward to this time of year. We'll have eating plums for a week or so and there are a few more peaches. No grapes came this year :( We have a few lemons and could probably get oranges from our next door neighbor but fruit is more or less coming to an end. This will be big for the kids, they eat tons of fruit. I mean really! I usually buy at least 5 bunches of bananas and that doesn't usually last the week.

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