Thursday, July 31, 2008

People say the funniest stuff...

How people have responded to my little experiment has been very entertaining to me. Some samples:

"Kathy, what if 'The Crisis' comes at the end of your experiment and you're already out of food?" [Read The Fourth Turning or it's website to get the flavor of 'The Crisis']

Sitting down at a table of ladies, all complete strangers but one, for a bridal shower, "I was just telling everyone about your experiment and wondering if you were allowed to eat here?" [The answer to that would be yes :)]

After offering a friend a piece of zucchini bread: "Oh no! I couldn't take any food from your house this month!" [don't know whether that was a comment on my cooking or not...]

After telling a friend that I have been reading "The Emporers of Chocolate" and how it totally made me crave chocolate: "You mean you didn't stock up on chocolate before you started?" [the suffering simulation probably saved me a 10 lb weight gain right there!!!]

My husband and sons are off on a scouting adventure full of non-suffering food. Not much else to report.

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