Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why would we do this?

Our family is going to live for 4 weeks on what food we have in the house and garden. Many people have asked me to blog it. I guess because it is so weird and bizarre that they can't imagine why anyone would do it!!!

Well, Georgics for one thing. Getting a tie to the land, seeing a purpose in something as dreadfully boring as gardening (I speaketh for myself, my husband thinks it's great fun....)

Healthy eating? Anything that's "quick" from the store is full of stuff we should avoid in the first place!

But mostly for gratitude and hard work. My kids take for granted, they waste food, they complain when it's not their favorite dinner. Hopefully the suffering will make them see that they don't have it so bad. Not to mention me seeing the same thing :)

I should probably add that we are not your typical family. We have 6 kids (ds 17, ds 14, dd 11, dd 8 (today!), dd 4, and dd 2) and we already eat weird. 90% of our eating (at home anyway!) is whole grain. And we are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints so we have been admonished to keep a year's supply of food. I know we've never made it but we do have thousands of pounds of grains/legumes (that might be a slight exageration, my husband will be compelled to find the right answer and get it on here.) We also have 75 cans of chili in the garage (give or take, whatever...) That's a funny story in and of itself but we'll save it for another day :) My point is, nobody is going to actually starve to death


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