Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 4

It is very uneventful so far because we're still in a grocery week and haven't run out of fresh food. So I decided to talk a little about the preparation for this.

We put in a huge garden area in the spring. It was waist-high in weeds and we cleared and fenced a 50 x 100 foot area. This included putting in "chicken utopia" (a fenced in chicken run containing a grapefruit tree for shade and poultry wire all around and on top, with a used shed for a coop and TWO gates for the chickens to be allowed on one side of the garden or the other). The chickens have been incubated and hatched by some friends of ours and we are anxiously awaiting their arrival.

I also stocked up the pantry and fridge spending about $200 at Trader Joe's and $400 at Costco. It was good to think about all the things we need but it will be interesting to see what we actually run out of. Or who knows? Maybe we won't.

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