Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cooking frenzy

We are overflowing with squash from the garden. Today I made zucchini bread (2 cups of sugar to sell 4 cups of squash) and cooked a kabacho. I think that's spelled right but it's an orange squash that looks like a turban. You can cook it like a pumpkin, cut in half and bake until tender. After it cooled I scraped it out, I will probably make biscuits with part of it and see how that goes. I've done it with yams and the consistency is very similar. I also made a batch of pasta and used the basil from our garden in a pesto sauce and tossed the pasta and pesto with our first yellow tomato. Two greens, one yellow, and one orange. Not a bad morning's work.

While all that was baking I also made a batch of brownies for a women's meeting for church tonight. The kids are hoping there are leftovers for them :) So I guess we can add a brown to the mixture.

Still haven't run out of anything yet but only have one head of lettuce left and none grew in either place I planted it.

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Jeri said...

fun fun - I'll be watching to see how it goes.