Thursday, August 7, 2008

If you had only two eggs left....

So, 5 dozen eggs lasted a little over two weeks (but only because I started saying "Don't eat eggs! We need to save them for baking!"). Yesterday we had two left and they went into the life-preserving food item....brownies. The ironic thing is that Carlee made them for a pool party we were hosting. She made them when I wasn't home so I didn't know about them and they weren't served until there was only one other family here. Somehow they were still demolished (it helps that this one other family has 8 kids and it was supper time!) My friend told me that you can substitute 2 T of soy flour for an egg, I don't have soy flour...but, I do have a grinder so we'll see :)

We're missing stuff like tortillas and tortilla chips because we make a lot of Mexican food, taco salad is made at least once a week in normal times but the lack of any lettuce eliminates that. I made an enchilada casserole with rice, beans, and canned chicken but without the tortillas it was more like soup or chile.


Jeri said...

I should have read this post a while ago - but I've been having computer glitches and am just now catching up on the "experiment."

I have a good recipe for tortillas if you want it. (my first batch was pretty bad, but my second turned out lots better...) here's the link -

Mother Molly said...

You can also substitute a one serving package of unflavored gelatin mixed with water for one egg in any baked goods recipe.

Thanks for posting about your experiment on the LEMI Mentors list. :-)