Monday, August 11, 2008

Favorite line...

In the car today, Adam and Jonathon were talking about lunch (and how we didn't bring any with us). Jonathon has some fast food gift certificates that he was planning to feed himself with. After referring to "when a certain thing is over" Adam said, "we're simulating an African experience." So, apparently after 17 years of being told to finish the food on his plate because there are people starving in Africa, he can finally relate to them. I actually don't say this that much but it made me laugh nonetheless. My apologies to any Africans who may read this blog (the internet is worldwide, you know), this would only be funny to an American. And there is an appropriate amount of guilt wrapped up in the humor.

It is quite a meager fare in the ol' kitchen. The last few days are going to be a drag but there are some interesting things I've learned.

1. I'm lucky my husband has a garage full of stuff. I am normally overflowing with grocery sacks and ran out a week ago. We use them for all kinds of things and I thought I was up a creek. But Richard had a bag of bags somewhere in the recesses of his domain.

2. When you can't replace things you think twice before using them. Like ziploc bags or foil. Toilet paper is looking a little low (haven't resorted to rationing :) but since I thought I had plenty it makes me wonder...)

3. We are definitely going to run out of conditioner. This is a pretty big deal because of the long-haired daughters and their tangled manes...

4. Having company is more difficult. Since everything has to be made there is no quick fix food to whip together.

5. This would be a good time to clean the refrigerator/freezer!

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HMichaelsen said...

I love Adam's comment. Way to go though! I don't think I could do it! Spencer would run out of yogurt - practically a separate food group for him - in a week!